XF 1.5 Custom Ad field needed, how to.


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Looking to migrate over to Xenforo for my forum community. At this point, the one item I need to resolve before I take the plunge is getting my member banner ad system to work with XF. I have yet to see a forum where the right side bar fields are either removed or moved down the page to allow banner ads at the top right.

You can see how I run the member banner ads and a google ad, here.

I use a simple php script that manages these ads. I edit the code to add or delete the ads. The ads are also randomized every page view. I've managed to get a field in the right column in XF and display the ads, but can't get them to rotate or show up on every forum page, only the landing/home page.

I sure like a lot of things about XF, but I must say, coming from the vB world, it sure lacks documentation!

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