XF 1.2 Curious Super Administrative posting issue

Bionic Rooster

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Noob question.
Super Administrative position should have global powers right? Yet when SA (me) is logged in there are some folders saying (You have insufficient privileges to post here.)I can do all the admin stuff like delete, lock, sticky and even edit title or the post but I don't have the power to post a thread in that category. Am I missing something?


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Use the permissions analyzer.

Administrators are subject to the same usergroup and node permissions as all other users.

Bionic Rooster

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Ok, I've read that, checked to make sure Super Admin's primary group was "Registered". It also has secondary User Groups checked for Administrative and Moderator.
I went to Node Permissions and checked that Admin has permission to post new thread and reply.
No joy, I still get this
(You have insufficient privileges to post here.)
I'm lost at this point, can I PM you?