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Has a XenForo-based forum, ever, been acquired by another company? If so, which forum(s)?

And, which is the largest XF-based forum today?
And, which is the largest XF-based forum today?
no longer really maintained But perhaps as an inspiration to find more.
One large forum I occasionally visited was running some monetized forum system that was based on vB, then I think they might have moved to IPB before they were bought out. Now they are part of Verticalscope and look exactly the same as every other VS forum. I can't say I'm a fan of VS's styling--they made their own theme, stripping away many helpful XF functions, then slowly reintroduce them as major new feature additions. Very odd way of running a forum.

Another forum I knew of was running vB, was bought out...then converted to XF. That seems to happen more commonly.
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