XF 1.4 CSS User Group Styling


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In order to have visible user group colors on our old dark style and new light style, I moved the styling from the user groups into EXTRA.css. As an example, using our new style:

/* User Groups */

.username .style2 {
    color: #000000;

.username .style3 {
    color: #DC143C;
    font-weight: bold;

.username .style4 {
    color: #D2691E;

/* User Groups */
However, after I removed the styling from the user groups themselves, the CSS stopped working.

Any ideas?

Dylan V

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Try to add !important after the hex colors. If it doesn't work, it is that there is a problem with your style or an add-on, because I tried and it works.
The style classes won't be added to usergroups unless there is a value in the usergroup css. To solve this issue, I simply added 'background: transparent;' to the css box under each usergroup I wanted styled. That allowed me to use the style classes in 'extra.css' to color/style them accordingly on a per-style basis.