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Eric J.

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Usually in a forum system, you get to customize all your tags and such. Well, turning a div into a tag that you can customize with CSS has always been my favorite because you can do things like this with it:

However, it's very unfriendly when it comes to spam. People can set ridiculous widths and such to stretch pages and do stupid things with it. Basically, I was wondering if you could incorporate a safe CSS tag into the software? I don't exactly know how you'd go about doing it, but if it's possible it would be a nice addition.


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"Access Denied"

Screens are probably required for your example.

Personally, not a fan of allowing users to chose how everything is shown, it normally looks horrible

Eric J.

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Generally people that can't do anything half decent don't know how to use the tags though. Also, on any site it's ever been activated, people post CSS requests in the off-topic section for things like signatures and post layouts. Just the ability to customize everything would be the reason I love it so much.

Chris M

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I honestly can't see a use for this for the average forum user or indeed forum owner - I personally would never allow other users to determine their own CSS or HTML layout simply because I wouldn't trust them not to abuse the facility, and because the user doesn't always have a clue what they are doing and then upset the content for themselves and others.


I agree with this. As a member of PokeCommunity myself, I know how useful CSS editing is when it comes to thread customisation and it gives users freedom of expression and design. The only downfall, as the original poster mentioned, is the fact that people who SPAM CSS prove to be a nuisance to the staff members. However, if you can set a maximum width, height, or even have an option to turn if off for those people who don't want it, in the Administrative panel, then it'll prove to be a way to keep control over this thing. Also, you could have it so that members who've achieved a certain post count (in my personal case, very high) are the only ones, along with staff, allowed to use CSS.

Can I also point that IPB has a similar feature built into it, however it isn't as intuitive and doesn't allow much freedom. The vBulletin one is simply an add-on and is achieved by editing the BBCodes, if I'm correct.