CSS Help : Rounded blocks


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Can someone tell me how to get the Recent Thread rounded box (see attached screen 1) on the other blocks (RecentNews) in portal page ?
and on also around the forum elements (see attached screen 2) (around RecentThread, forum categories, taigachat, recentslider)

Thank you !



Jake Bunce

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The HTML needs a <div class="sectionMain"> container around it. It's in the HTML templates, not the CSS.


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Great, working pretty good.
I made a try on RecentNews block on Portal and it is ok
On this page the RecentSlider contains already <div class="sectionMain"> but it does not displays on my forums page. (ok on the portal) (>http://www.forum-des-portables-asus.fr/www/forum/)
Same issue for RecentThread block (looks like there is a hook somewhere) : where do i have to place the code ? I tried in RecenThread templates but i have now two blocks around :)

I had looked for Taigachat and Forum Categories template but did not find anything. (node_list?)