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javakhir submitted a new resource: cryptocurrency payments - add-on for XenForo to accept cryptocurrency payments

As it is our fourth add-on, so $25 of each sale will be contributed to XenForo team,
as they help many developers to earn money, on this fantastic platform.

this build is set to USD

for your desired currency, let us know after purchase, we will build it in 1 day

list of currency can be found here:

tested on:


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I'm literally convinced that this same guy:


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keep your conviction with your self! I am not russian to hate me & not the same guy to suffer from alter ago!
do you have a proof?

one English proverb in this matter, regarding you:
A fool is made more of a fool, when their mouth is more open than their mind!

I suggest to ban this guy
1. because of no flag is allowed in avatar,
2. as we all tired & sick of this Ukraine!


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Hahah) Rudeness and sudden unjustified mentions of Ukraine, now I'm sure that this is the same guy)

To anyone who is considering purchasing this add-on: check out this post and reviews on trustpilot.


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@021 this is not the first time you have posted something like this.

If you have evidence then report the resource or contact a member of staff.
Otherwise stop with this behaviour.

If it continues you may find yourself unable to post in certain sections of the forum in the future.