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Cron Update doesn't work on live site - static function?


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My local site is running on 5.4.3. The cron works perfectly although I wasn't familiar with static functions but fixed it by creating a helper class. The cron is very complex so I have many functions which access all the different models and data writers in my add-on.

My live site is running on 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.9. It uses apc. When I run the cron, it breaks right when it creates the helper class.

I tried creating the class using new, XenForo_Model::create, and by using one of the other models to create the helper class. Each way works on my local site but not on my live site.

No errors are showing up in the server error log.

This line also seemed to be causing a problem. When it was uncommented it caused php to crash before the class was loaded even though it is in that class:
$xfUserModel = XenForo_Model::create('Xenforo_Model_User');
$dwPsnUser->set('username', $xfUserModel->getUserById($ufvWithPsnUser['ufv_user_id'])['username']);
Again, works in local site, not in live.


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Thanks, that wasn't the issue but it is good practice.

I solved one problem which was I didn't have the curl extension installed.

This code is still causing an error on live:


this doesn't work with php < 5.4

$user = xfUserModel->getUserById($ufvWithPsnUser['ufv_user_id']);
$username = $user['username'];