XF 2.2 cron jobs - new ways?


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I work on a link directory these days.
There i have some cron-jobs running fetching data from other pages.
In one day it is possible to fetch more than hundred new links, then it makes sense to run a cron-job every minute for two hours.
In another day i have maybe only two new links, now it makes sense to have a cron one time in an hour.

At the moment i change the times for cron-jobs by need.

But somehow i would like to have another solution.

For example: every hour we check how many jobs we probably have.
Less? Then do nothing.
Some? Then increase the cron schedule to work every x minutes for an hour
A lot? Do a job every minute.

So finally i need a cron job checking every hour how much work we have
Then decide for the next hour what we do and change the time for cron jobs.

Is there any addon with such a function?

Having a cron-job to decide how fast/how often another cron-job should be called in the next hour for example.
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