Cricket 2011 - World Cup



So, the Ashes are done and dusted. It was GREAT to see the Australians get mauled in their own backyard. :D The symbol of Australian dominance has finally been CRUSHED.

May it continue in the World Cup where the Aussies get eliminated in the opening group stages or at least the Quarter Finals. :)

So, guys, who's your money on to win this years World Cup?

There's nothing like playing cricket back in the subcontinent. :D

Sadik B

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India just lost today to South Africa... :( :(

They played pretty badly once Sachin got out, 9 wickets for 30 odd runs was epic failure...


India are overrated in my opinion.

Their batting is formiddable on wickets like these but their bowlers are pedestrian-a-like. It's only when the spinners come on will they dry up the runs but their fifth/sixth bowler is and always will be exposed.

Australia can get stuffed. I hope it's an Asian team this time around who win it.