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Creating style without edited templates. 1.0

Shows how to exclude edition of templates even if they needed.

  1. guiltar

    guiltar Well-Known Member

    guiltar submitted a new resource:

    Creating style without edited templates. (version 1.0) - Shows how to exclude edition of templates and template hooks.

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    Has anyone released a style that uses the TMS yet?
  3. guiltar

    guiltar Well-Known Member

    Haven't seen yet. Only addons and modifications.
    But hope it will appear some time :)
  4. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    I'll make some after I'm done transferring all my site's template edits to TMS. Might be a month or two.
  5. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    Hey guiltar, I'm creating a Free Brogan Framework and while I was going through some of Brogan's templates I noticed that there are some cool ones I want to add but they should be disabled by default. For example, add images to navigation tabs. If I wanted to add default images to the forum, members and help navigation tabs, maybe even add some for the modifications on here that create a navigation tab, couldn't I just add them to the style (framework) or whatever, then have them disabled by default then save the modification so that in case they don't need it it will already be disabled by default when they install the style?
  6. guiltar

    guiltar Well-Known Member

    Sure. Disabled mods stay disabled after export and import :)
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  7. pjfry

    pjfry Active Member

    Great tutorial Guiltar!

    All of my styles I made for my board are done with your TMS addon. This is really easy and fast way of doing styles. Before your addon I had many template edits and now everything is in TMS. So I can fastly add and remove edits and test things.


    thanks benny
  8. flynnibus

    flynnibus Member

    Here's a noob question... I'm trying to modify a .css file so my tweaks are done via TMS and not via direct template adds.

    But in this case.. I need to modify two points in the same .css file. Sure I could create two different mods, but I assume the slick way is this is done with multiple replacements in the same modification... but I don't know how I would do that :)

    .thread_view .threadAlerts
        border: 1px solid @primaryLighterStill;
        border-radius: 5px;
        font-size: 11px;
        margin: 10px 0;
        padding: 5px;
        line-height: 16px;
        background-image: url('@imagePath/xenforo/gradients/form-button-white-25px.png');
        .thread_view .threadAlerts dt
            color: @primaryLight;
            display: inline;
    I need to remove the background-image line and then modify the color line under threadAlerts dt. What type of syntax would I use to make two replacements like that?

  9. RoldanLT

    RoldanLT Well-Known Member

    How can I export the created Modification?

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