Creating Nodes - Please enter a valid value.


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When I started making a new node I get this error displayed.


I have tried disabling all the addons I have installed, and the node is still created I just click and the error goes away.

I have about 30 nodes including link forums. If this is the wrong forum just move it.


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I have seen this a few times recently and it is related to an add-on (trying to remember which one).

I have therefore moved the thread out of the bugs forum.


I have this problem as well. I have uninstalled all addons installed until a point where I know the error was not there, but it did not get removed. My first guess was that it was related to Social Groups, but I have completely removed it and the problem is still there.


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Do you have Nodes as Tabs addon installed? If you do, reinstall it again. Assuming you do have it installed, from your screenshot, none of the Nodes as Tabs setting are showing up.