XF 1.5 Creating clean backup, after creating test user/post


Hi there,
I'm in the process of moving an existing forum from another software to Xenforo.

Unfortunately the first thing I did after installing Xenforo was creating a test user and posting a topic on the forum, didn't think much about it and went on to install addons and do all sorts of customizations.
So now I only got a backup of the database that already contains a topic and a user.

Is there a way to clean that up, so that I can import while retaining IDs from the old forum?
Thanks for the answer. But does that work if I have a topic already in there? In the description for keeping the original IDs it says: 'If you have existing XenForo data, this will fail'.
I'm still in the process of writing my importer, as I'm importing from a system, that's not well-known, so I can't really test it yet...
I did exactly the same and when trying to import and retain IDs got an error due to making the post in the created node. What I have done on advice from Brogan was a complete reinstall and went straight to import and everything worked as it should whilst retaining post IDs.
I installed some addons, did some changes on them, custom css, changed some templates.
I would suggest 1) exporting your current customized style (which will include any changes you've made to the HTML and CSS templates), 2) Do a new installation of the forum software; 3) import your customized style.
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