XF 1.4 Creating an array inside an array


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Would it be possible to get create an array inside an array? I've looked around a good bit without any results. I've been trying to create one to loop through, but so far I've been unsuccessful. Essentially I need to have at least 3 keys and 3 values per array.
<xen:set var="$array" value="{xen:array
    {xen:array 'id=123', 'desc=Test 1', 'url=test1'},
    {xen:array 'id=456', 'desc=Test 2', 'url=test2'},
    {xen:array 'id=789', 'desc=Test 3', 'url=test3'} />
Another idea is to get an existing array of resources based on a category, but I'm unsure on how to do that.