XF 1.2 Create a new user in MySQL/FTP


I would like to create a new user account (and make it super admin) through either FTP or MySQL. So not in the website control panel itself.

Is this possible?

Thank you.


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You shouldn't create users by directly manipulating the database. Once you register as the user or create the user in the ACP and give it the necessary admin permissions, you'll need to edit the config.php file to add the user to the super admins array.
Is there any way to register without accesing the site, or bypassing the discouraged users?

The problem is that I can not acces the site, some kid decided to start trolling and he blocked me out of the site. He has a redirect 100% chance link for discouraged users, so I just keep getting redirected places. I can't register like this.

I do have acces to everything else, just can't enter the forums or I get redirected....


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You said you still have access to everything else, so you could use phpMyAdmin to manipulate your user record back to a valid state, while at the same time making that user discouraged, etc.
You can also edit config.php to remove them as a super admin, meaning they can no longer edit other administrators.

Then you can log in and sort it out.
Could you please tell me how I can manipulate a new user? I believe he completely removed my account, so I would have to create a new user. I am not very familiar with editing MySQL so I have no clue how to do this.

Liam W

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This is why you should never have additional super admins.

An easy way to do it would be to go to phpmyadmin, change the email of this user to your email and then request a password reset for it.

Then login and ban their IP...
Yeah, he was a trusted member and he was helping me on the site... Really did not expect this from him.

I am still discouraged tho, so I can not acces the site. How do I get rid of that discouragement?