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Add-on Create a coin bot add-on like the reddit bitcoin tip bot


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Have you heard about the bitcointip bot on reddit?

Users are able to send tips to other users by creating an automated address for the users who want to tip another user. Users who have bitcoins in their account send bitcoins to any user typing “+/u/bitcointip @Username (amount)” in the comments thread. The user who is sending the money can formulate the amount either in Dollars or in bitcoin. Here is an example how to tip an user.

“+/u/bitcointip @cooluser $1″ or “+/u/bitcointip @cooluser 0.01 btc”

So, why would such an add-on add value to the community?

Of course I can not predict the future and I am not 100% sure if the communities would use such a system but the reddit community is heavily using this system. That’s why I am assuming that it could help any user based content community. It adds good charma to users who contribute value.

This value adding system should not only be tight to bitcoin but to any of the well known coins such as litecoin, peercoin, dogecoin...

Do you also think it could help to motivate users contributing good content to the community?


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On the one hand there could be virtual goods which users want to exchange. And on the other hand it is sort of an appreciation for good content. It is not like they pay each other huge amounts of money but rather tiny fractions to show their respect and to motivate each other to post more quality content.

This tipping system is already working on reddit pretty well which is a proof that people actually use it.


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The coins can be retrieved at any point to anywhere the user wants to. He can spent it on other sites to purchase goods, services or he might even exchange the coins to Dollar, Pounds or Euro at one of the big exchanges. So you have absolute freedom what you do with your coins.

Check out this reddit commercial video how it is working or check out this private user video about the reddit bitcointip system.


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Interesting. I'm not sure how it would optimally fit into likes or a reputation system, but the concept is interesting to say the least.
If an addon would be created then I hope that it will look a lot better than the reddit bitcointip. As everything on reddit its ugly as can be.


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Interesting concept depending on forum type. Maybe simply integrating it into the like or having a tip button on each post.