Crazy WiFi Network Names


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"Pretty Fly For A WiFi"

"FBI Surveillance Van #13"


I'm sure you too would have at some point come across one or two that put a smile on your face. :D

My personal favourite is "One does not simply log in to Mordor".

Care to share any WiFi network names you found amusing? :)
Along the lines of LOTR
U Shall Not Pass

Others I've seen
Connect for Porn
gimme money
Got Wifi
MomSaidNo <- I was kinda like wtf.... but I'm sure it's some kid trying to sneak on to the internet when mom isn't home lmao


And more:
Only ones near me are the default router names (SkyXXXX or BTXXX) ones, heh, nothing exciting
Stopped using Wifi in this house as one of our neighbours was able to twice break into our WPA2 encrypted wifi connection and change the password, thus, locking us out
They weren't clever enough however to change their PC name, which showed up on the "Attached devices" list, that's how we knew who it was lol
Our neighbors mostly use the default names or, stupidly, use their last name as the broadcast name. The neighbors who know my wife & I were able to quickly guess that "HereThereBeDragons" & "HereThereBeMoreDragons" was our router. :D

(There are two names because I'm using a dual channel router and wanted different names so I could easily use an explicit channel for certain devices.)
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