cpanel mysql question.


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This is not about xenforo sorry. I asked this question in the cpanel and mysql forums but have not got an answer yet.

I was getting data base errors and did a repair mysql inside of cpanel. I did a check db and it ended quickly. I would have thought the site would be back up but it isn't.

Is it kind of odd that the site would not be back up after the repair of the db?


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It seems that one of your tables has crashed.

Invalid SQL:
userfield.*, usertextfield.*, user.*, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(passworddate) AS passworddate, user.languageid AS saved_languageid,
IF(displaygroupid=0, user.usergroupid, displaygroupid) AS displaygroupid, avatar.avatarpath, NOT ISNULL(customavatar.userid) AS hascustomavatar, customavatar.dateline AS avatardateline, customavatar.width AS avwidth, customavatar.height AS avheight, customavatar.height_thumb AS avheight_thumb, customavatar.width_thumb AS avwidth_thumb, customavatar.filedata_thumb, customprofilepic.userid AS profilepic, customprofilepic.dateline AS profilepicdateline, customprofilepic.width AS ppwidth, customprofilepic.height AS ppheight, sigpic.userid AS sigpic, sigpic.dateline AS sigpicdateline, sigpic.width AS sigpicwidth, sigpic.height AS sigpicheight, usercsscache.cachedcss, IF(usercsscache.cachedcss IS NULL, 0, 1) AS hascachedcss, usercsscache.buildpermissions AS cssbuildpermissions
FROM vb4_user AS user
LEFT JOIN vb4_userfield AS userfield ON (user.userid = userfield.userid)
LEFT JOIN vb4_usertextfield AS usertextfield ON (usertextfield.userid = user.userid) LEFT JOIN vb4_avatar AS avatar ON (avatar.avatarid = user.avatarid) LEFT JOIN vb4_customavatar AS customavatar ON (customavatar.userid = user.userid) LEFT JOIN vb4_customprofilepic AS customprofilepic ON (user.userid = customprofilepic.userid) LEFT JOIN vb4_sigpic AS sigpic ON (user.userid = sigpic.userid) LEFT JOIN vb4_usercsscache AS usercsscache ON (user.userid = usercsscache.userid)
WHERE user.userid = 3;
MySQL Error : Table './jsbur2_vb4edc/vb4_user' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
Error Number : 145
Request Date : Wednesday, December 7th 2011 @ 12:47:55 AM
Error Date : Wednesday, December 7th 2011 @ 12:47:55 AM
Script :
Referrer :
IP Address : 114.48.XXX.XXX
Username : Unregistered
Classname : vB_Database
MySQL Version :
You'll need to run a repair through phpMyadmin or whatever database tool you have to use. Run a repair on that table and see if things come back to normal.


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It seems you fixed it... I can see your site again without errors.

PS: The store link at the bottom of your forum page (footer) goes to a broken link. :)