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I recently became an Admin in another XF community and they want to give me Cpanel/WHM access. They asked me for my IP because they have CSF enabled. the problem is I have a dynamic IP. So I gave them my IP like this: 192.168.* but it doesn't seem to be working. when I get the link to their WHM it's an ip and port 2087: but the page never loads. What can we do?


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192.168.* IPs are ones from internal private networks, it's not your public IP address. You can find that at

If you have a dynamic IP, then you'll either need to get your internet provider to give you a fixed IP address (some don't provide this, others do and some charge extra). Alternatively you can use a service like to provide a fixed IP for free.

Mike Edge

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If your using port 2087, be sure you have https:// before the IP address. You can also try non-SSL port 2086 for WHM. If neither is responding, most likely it is one of two things, Your IP your currently on wasn't added to CSF or the IP your trying to use is incorrect. Can you reach cPanel's login on port 2083?


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Also, unless you have some tiny ISP, you're likely to get an IP from any number of their IP blocks. And finally, keep in mind that if you're wildcarding the third and fourth octet, you're exposing the server to >65,000 IP that can attack.


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Using * for wildcard in CSF is not going to work. You need to use the CIDR. i.e. or such. Here is a calculator if you need it:

You can also use a service like DynDNS and whitelist the hostname in CSF. That way, you won't have to use IPs at all. That has to be enabled from within CSF, however. It is not as simple as just adding the hostname to the whitelist.

Tracy Perry

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You need your IP before the router.. 192.168 is just your local network IPs, not usable outside of your house. Go to to view your IP.
192.168.* IPs are ones from internal private networks, it's not your public IP address.

Actually that is not entirely correct. That Class C range has a portion that apparently is routable on the backbone. On one of the hosts I had a public 192.168.x.x address range. ;)

And that site (whatsmyip) is my goto when I'm having to find it at some places as they don't know it there.
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