Couple of Pre Sale Questions =)

Hey guys,

I currently run a wrestling community on VBulletin but with the lack of support those guys have been offering of late and the contast spam attacks my message board is having I am thinking off moving over to the XenForo as I have heard rave reviews about this place.

I just have a couple of questions :)

1. How hard would it be to transfer the datbase over from VB - Xen? A big job which will require me to have to pay someone to do it or is it fairly easy?

2. What are the plugins/addons like with this software as opposed to VB? As VB is annoying as hell for support but there addon datbase/plugins are very good and offer a lot of unique features for members.

3. I am thinking off adding a premium membership to my members where they can pay for example $5.00 for a yearly vip membership. Does XenForo support this feature nicely?

4. Is the spam prevention any better with this software as apposed to VB or similar?

5. Last question! What is the template skins like? Are they easy to design/code your own in? Or awkward like the new VB has been?

Looking forward to your responses!



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XenForo includes a few built in importers for vB and there are also some third party importers - most people manage to do it on their own:

I can't comment on how the two compare, you can however browse the add-ons here: and here:

User upgrades are possible:

There are very few complaints with regards to spam, the tools are due to be improved in 1.2:

Styling is very easy with the built in Style Properties - see for yourself: Admin Demo