XF 2.2 correcting file checksum errors

Tom McIntyre

Active member
I look at the admin control panel several time a day and I like to see a clean problem reporting area.

If an addon has a checksum error it seems like a lot of work to rebuild the addon to fix the checksum file.

I wish there were a way to just generate the new checksum for the offending files and update the json file.
Why does the add-on have a checksum error?

It takes seconds to build a new hashes file.
In one case I modified the file which is from a no longer supported addon. In the other two cases the files were recently upgraded and the developer was too busy to fix it.

I do not know how to recompute the checksums. I guessed one had to be in development mode.

I just went to the three addons in File Manager and made it xhashes.json.
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