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XF 1.2 Corner Peel Away Advertisment

Have anyone ever been able to add one of the corner advertisments to xenforo?

The one where your mouse hovers over the corner of the forum and there is an ad inside?

View attachment 69915

I tried this one:
But it' won't work.

Any mods for this type?
I use that one all the time it absolutely works. I will assume you know how to edit the images you wish to use to replace the large and small.jpgs. For xenforo, add the peel folder to your root and edit the peel.js changing these lines:
jaaspeel.ad_url = escape('target url here');
jaaspeel.small_path = 'peel/small.swf';
jaaspeel.small_image = escape('peel/small.jpg');
jaaspeel.big_path = 'peel/large.swf';
jaaspeel.big_image = escape('peel/large.jpg');
Now go into your forum_list template and find this first line:
and paste this after:
<script language="JavaScript 1.2" src="peel/peel.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
Refresh your site and you should see the peel.