XF 1.5 Copy source files and databse from domain X to Y


I installes xenforo on <domain1.com>, did all settings... but i reserved another domain and want to copy source files and rename database and change connection config...

I wish to avoid to make all install and settings again.

It's ok to copy source files, change db connection in config, and change home url in settings?

It's better to REINSTALL all?

In customer account, i will change license info.



Thank you!
The site was not indexed on google, i have no posts with old domain URL.... so no problem. I only installed and had second thoughts for domain name and got another one.
Also, it's the same server, so friendly URL are ok... same mode_rewrite available.

Remains a question: i move source files, change config for new database, and access the new domain. Will links to Admin panel work, so i can login to change "Board URL in the ACP -> Options -> Basic Board Information" where is also board URL.

On update will also change information inserted when downloaded the zip.


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Having an incorrect Board URL won't affect your ability to access the site or log in (it is primarily related to links in emails, the sitemap, etc.).

You can change it any time - before or after you make the switch.


Deleted the previous post.
Long story short:
Some permission problems... internal_data subfolder has "http" owner and group. By copying, the owner changed. Solved it by delete all files and copying again with root user, on ssh...