Lack of interest Copy items

It would be great to also be able to copy an image, rather than just move it. This is useful for, say, an admin-managed category of superior shots in which you want to feature people's images without moving them out of their albums.
I agree, this is a must for contests. I don't won't people to be able to move and delete photos that have won contests. Because once they win POTW, they have a chance at Photo of the Month, then Photo of the Quarter. If all of a sudden by the time we got to Best of Category for the year, some of those that won POTQ had moved or deleted, that would totally mess up the BOC and Photo of the Year.

I don't want to have to download 36-48 images and reupload them every single week in a voting area, a lot of work, especially when running the website is not your full time job.