XF 1.5 Converting PMs to XF's system broken or known issue?


I'm having a play with XF's converter so that I can get a feel of things work while trying to solve a completely different problem.

In the source script I created a test PM along with a reply. Due to how the source script work they both show up as different messages. (in the inbox and outbox).

When converting the tables to XF I was expecting those 2 messages to combine into one big conversation.

It appears that it doesn't: instead it shows up like this:


Does anyone know if it going to be possible to get conversations merged? It funny that the source software has a feature that will display the message history for that PM.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
What is the source software?

This result is common for many source systems where PMs are treated more like emails without a formal relation to link them.