Convert my MyBB forum to Xenforo help please?

Hello there, not sure if you read my other post myBB to Xenforo, if not I'll paste them here momentarily.

What I would like if someone could convert my forum from myBB to Xenforo and yes I do have a Xenforo licence.

Here is the list of tasks I'd like help with, hopefully in regards the Mods, someone can help me with the following, like have a Xenforo version of the MyBB one, if not is it possible to get one created?

For the mods I want the following:
Money Per Post
Lottery (Meaning members will purchase Lottery Tickets with their Forum Money and every week (Or whatever the case may be depending on the Admin) they'll purchase Tickets (Price up to Admin) for the Lottery and 6 Numbers should randomly be drawn and of course the Lottery would have a Jackpot for members to gain more Forum Money. And the Winner will be notified via PM. I hope that helps!)
Awards (where after a certain amount of task the user receives an Award, whether it's for Registering, making their first post, taking a poll and so forth)
Social Bookmarks (Share posts to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat, Blogger, Xanga, Bebo, Linkedin and more)
ReIMG Sizer
Live Preview
User Blog
Thanks for Posts
Facebook Like and Google+'s +1
Activity Stats
Age restriction on some forums
Gender restriction on some forums
Latest Topic Title (If not in)
Redbar (Links on top)
Reputation System
Advertisement Management
Gaming Section

Regarding the Layouts/Categories

I would like if someone could have my layouts and categories similar to Gaia Online except mine will have a description.

Speaking of Gaia Online, I would like if mine was colour coded if at all possible?

For Example (The Categories on the side):
Entertainment Section - Purple.
News Section - Green
Gaming Section - Blue
Wrestling Section - Red

But the forum window, if you will, orange with White Text if possible?

Thanks for the help, it's 1.15 here time to sleep.