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Convert image by domain - Converts hot linked images to attachments by selected domain.

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Converts hot linked images to attachments by selected domain.

The Convert image by domain add-on will convert hot linked images in messages to attachments...

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Dan Blather

Great plugin!

Any way to make this work with Photobucket? My site has hundreds of threads with blurry and watermarked images hosted on PHotobucket. The only way I can save them is to manually download the photos through Firefox, while using a couple of plugins to change the referrer, and edit the thread by hand.

Dan Blather

A few Photobucket image URLs from the image proxy cache:

The images display clearly using the Referrer Control Settings plugin on Firefox, site filter *, to/from, referrer setting: custom = (use requested URL as referrer). Otherwise, they're blurry and watermarked.
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any idea how to convert such links?

[URL=''][IMG alt="[Bild: 20191224-140633.jpg]"][/IMG][/URL]

I use for domain and as refer but it did not work.


Version Convert image by domain 1.5 stop working... :(
v.1.2 work fine with PECL-ImageMagick
v.1.5 not working (GD, PHP / PECL-ImageMagick)
No errors

XF v2.1.6 Patch 1
Works great! Is there a way I can apply this to my resources? I have many photobucket images in them. I have them link to a forum and it did convert the images that were in the discussion thread (not all because the thread is truncated, 'click to expand'.)

Also, what should I do I put in the configuration for


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Posts look like this:

I need to get them converted.