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Convert from IPB4 or no?

I want to see your opinion. Some years ago I had one biggest forum, was a vBulletin 4 and all was fantastic. I decided to convert to IPB3 3 years ago and was a totally disaster in all, users, visits, new posts, advertisement... the fall in everything was spectacular.
Now I am thinking to convert my IPB4 to XF1, what is your opinion?
I don´t really understand why after my conversion to IPB4 everything went down.


Active member
I recently converted my IPB4 site to XenForo, and I am so glad I did. I really like XenForo. It's fast and snappy and looks great. Many, many features and all of the Devs and support staff couldn't be nicer. My IPB4 was sluggish and a little too bloated. Don't get me wrong, IPB4 is the second best forum software out there. ;)

Here is what a IPB4 to Xenforo import looks like MY SITE