Convert from IPB4 or no?


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I want to see your opinion. Some years ago I had one biggest forum, was a vBulletin 4 and all was fantastic. I decided to convert to IPB3 3 years ago and was a totally disaster in all, users, visits, new posts, advertisement... the fall in everything was spectacular.
Now I am thinking to convert my IPB4 to XF1, what is your opinion?
I don´t really understand why after my conversion to IPB4 everything went down.


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I recently converted my IPB4 site to XenForo, and I am so glad I did. I really like XenForo. It's fast and snappy and looks great. Many, many features and all of the Devs and support staff couldn't be nicer. My IPB4 was sluggish and a little too bloated. Don't get me wrong, IPB4 is the second best forum software out there. ;)

Here is what a IPB4 to Xenforo import looks like MY SITE


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How easy or difficult is it to migrate from IPB4 to Xenforo? I'm an amateur, I'd probably have to have help from Xenforo.

What would break? For example, the mods use the IPB4 Reports system extensively to resolve questions on a post. Can the existing IPB4 Reports be imported into a comparable Xenforo system?

Would pms be imported?