XF 1.1 Conversion in progress... oh crap, whats happening here


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I've hit the customavatars import step and it went through a whole cycle that looked l,ike it was importing - it went through tens of thousands of users... when it finished i was told:- Imported 0 items. (56.60 seconds)

I then realised I forgot to set write permissions on data and internal_data which I am sure is the cause for avatars not being imported however, it will not let me re-run the step.

Any help? I dont wanna make thousands of users re-add their avatar nor do i particularly want to re-start the import again since im now 2 hours in.

Jake Bunce

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Normally if there is a hiccup in the import you should restore a backup from before the import and run it again. Or it's just as easy to reinstall in the case of a new installation of XF.

There is not an option to re-run an import module once it has been run. You may be able to manually do it by editing the import session in the database, but you really should start over in my opinion.

Jake Bunce

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The import session is stored in the xf_data_registry table (data_key = importSession). You can run this query to view the information:

SELECT CONVERT(data_value USING utf8)
FROM xf_data_registry
WHERE data_key = 'importSession';
The information is serialized and the field is not normally directly editable.