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I'm in the process of moving my fairly big board to xF. We have to deal with a **** load of spam in vB so I do not understand why the conversation inbox in xF can't be limited. Lets say a spammer (or 1000) creates an account in my forum and starts sending 500 private messages before lunch then he takes a nap break and does another 500. Everyday for the next 10 years. Is there is a chance that I could end up storing 1k gb of spam in my db? and there's nothing I could do about it.

To be honest I don't know if there is that problem in my current vB setup but even if it's happening users can only store so much data (50 PM?) in their inbox.

Maybe I'm wrong and I'm just not getting something. Hopefully :)
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If its not reported, yes, you could end up with a lot of spam. However, if its reported, you can run the spam cleaner and remove them all at once.