XF 2.2 Conversations how-to's


Yep, I searched the forums for these answers, and the XF 2 Manual. The manual doesn't seem to have a section on Conversations or I am somehow missing it. Have some basic questions.

Forward, Reply to All: When viewing an incoming conversation, I see only the function to "reply". Need to "forward" it to someone else. Hoping I don't have to copy paste into a new message. If there are multiple people on an incoming message, will there be an option to "reply to all" vs. "reply" just to the sender?

Folders - Is there a folder function for organizing 'conversation' messages? My forum just migrated from vB 4. I had folders in vB organizing saved pm's. I don't see the folders and don't see an option to create and manage folders. It's nothing but an inbox, can't even delete messages that are dealt with and are now just clutter.

How do I organize and manage these communications with other members? How do I categorize them for future reference? I've currently got 900+ pages of conversation messages and no way to manage them.

CC & BCC: When starting a new conversation, there is just one box for recipients. How do I cc and blind cc other members?

Thanks for any tips on how you manage this. :)
It's not like email - there is no reply, reply all, forward, cc, or bcc.

Any participants of the conversations will see all messages.
If you want others to see the conversation and all messages, they can be added.

There is no folder function.
Just leave the conversation, end of clutter.

I understand the tip, thanks. However that misses how we use communications on my forum.

There is a lot of continuity on my forum, it isn't just the discussion of the moment. Planning and moderation are among the discussions that need to be referenced in the future. For planning annual events and repeat offenders who may need to be booted and that sort of thing. Discussions & data on older items from when they were first released years ago. So I have to wade through the clutter to find the old info, as 'conversations' has no folders to group messages by topic.

I'll look at the add-on to organize the messages. It's going to be kind of necessary.

This forum has been active since 2004. We don't have to go back that far for old information, fortunately. But we regularly go back a year or more to see what happened before. It's just the community as it is.

I don't have 900+ conversations. I have 900+ PAGES of conversations, with 20 per page. Going back to 2004. Some seem to have replies shown as separate conversations so there is that.

Fortunately I don't need most of the antique ones. Yep, at times I have deleted hundreds.

But I don't have to spend time on deleting as long as the ones I might need later were organized into folders on vB. Now the folders are gone and the organization of years is gone. It's like someone emptied all the file cabinets and spread a huge pile of stuff all over the floor. And kicked it around a little.
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