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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Conversation search - Allows searching conversations.

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Allows searching conversations.

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This one doesn’t seem to work or easy to find according to your guide. I’ve set permissions etc but can’t find it on my site.

Great idea though


Thanks for another useful add-on.

I've noticed something odd. If I check the 'Search titles only' option, it will search the titles. However, when left unchecked, it only seems to search the message content and not the title. Surely it should search both if unchecked?

Also, how easy would it be to attach this to the default search screen (i.e. index.php?search/)? I'm going to try styling it in a similar way to see if I can get the input form and results to be similar.


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Can this be used from admins to search conversations between users?
Conversation Seach only searches "your" conversations.

Andy has an additional addon called "Conversation View" which allows an admin to view all conversations of all users. OOTB that addon can only filter on username, but can not search for title/message content.
I modified the addon for my personal use to add the search capability.



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Hi Andy,

So I upgraded to 1.8 just a few moments ago because I was getting errors due to 1.7.

I noticed when viewing the results of a searched conversation, when you click on the conversation ID number (far right of search results), it will bring you to a URL like this:


However, that URL does not properly work (at least for my forum) and the correct URL should be:


I can easily fix this in the code but I'm wondering if you have seen this encountered before and if there's a proper way to fix it other than a template edit...?

Thanks a bunch, your addons are incredible!


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Could this addon be updated to use the finder and entity system rather than using DB queries?