XF 1.5 Conversation Reports


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I just noticed that I had a report so clicked it and it was to my welcome message that flagged the spam settings when a user added their email address and was wondering if it shows my private conversation to other staff members when a report comes in like this and vice versa if it will show me their private conversation if a report comes in.

Is there anyway to stop showing it to other staff if it does show the private conversation to them?



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If someone reports a conversation, it is visible to any member who can "manage" the report, which is defined by the ability to warn the user directly.

There is no way to prevent this from showing in XF.


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Thank you for the reply.

So I do not misunderstand anything, is it the options:
  • View warning details
  • Give users warnings directly
Which cover this? If so I will remove it from the moderators.