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Stuart Wright

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Stuart Wright submitted a new resource:

Conversation Monitor for Xenforo 2 - Monitor keywords in conversations. Get alerts. Catch spammers/scammers.

Stop scammers from using private messages to scam your members

What it does

Conversation Monitor scans new private conversation messages for specific keywords. If it finds a match, it puts the message in the moderation queue and creates a thread in a forum showing details of the conversation message.

Why it’s useful

For AVForums, it gives an extra layer of protection from classifieds scammers. But it could also be used for a number of reasons where people return to...

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Is it possible to create a report for the conversation instead of creating a thread?


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Does it require the member names that we monitor? Or can we monitor keywords across all members?

Stuart Wright

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For business reasons, we are closing our store of Xenforo addons.
We will support them while active licenses exist, be we are not selling any new licenses or renewals.
Apologies for any inconvenience.

Stuart Wright

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My suite of resources has now been restored after some consideration on how to handle their management while they were temporarily unavailable.
Reason for removal in November - I have no time to support them and do not want to sell licenses to competing or unethical forums .
Reason for restoration after having had some time to consider a better course of action - I want to support the Xenforo community.
For clarification, while I do not have the time to give support for installations and bug reports for this addon (because there are no known bugs and it's working perfectly on my forum AVForums), I will be updating it with maintenance releases (as and when they are needed) which current license holders will be able to download. So no personal support, but yes, maintenance releases.
Also I am vetting who I sell licenses to, so if you wish to purchase a license, please click the purchase link and then send me a message as per the instructions in the product description. Thank you :)