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When they get to the development of a CMS, Blog, Gallery, etc... I would actually rather see a full push / pull data ability. The current detraction in abilities of existing players is the ability to move content freely between any area of the site. To me, that is what full integration means, not just push data from the forum to content or blogs, but from cms to blog, from blog to forum, etc. Full manoeuvrability of any content is my vote. This includes posted comments / replies, all able to be shifted as one. I would even extend this to images or video posted content in any area with a gallery, so it can be pushed or pulled anywhere, which in essence reduces multiple image uploading or such, ie. an image posted once can be isolated by a user and pushed to their content that they want to reference the image in a personal blog post from another users forum or gallery post.

Lets face facts... establishing these areas is pretty straight forward nowadays... being some type of navigation with content area, then just leave the rest as open and flexible as possible for the admin / user to decide on what other content is shown on a given page / area. That is where many go wrong... limits. Don't limit admins or users, just give them as much as possible and allow them to turn on / off as they see fit. True content integration seems to be the seriously lacking aspect of all right now.
To me this would be a dream. I am not a programmer; but I was thinking what if every post, blog entry, gallery comment, basically any content could be automatically wrapped in something like [content][/content] or <content></content> by default and be moveable with ease either by the site admin or the user from a drop-down menu in "Your content" page to wherever he or she likes.


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Do you mean like widgets?

As far as I am aware, the dev's have already coded in sidebars so you can add those anywhere on the site with the content of your choosing.

I think having the ability to select individual messages and embed them where you want throughout the forum might be a bit of overkill though.


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No I didn't mean widgets or embedding. More like changing post/thread location. We can already move posts and threads among and within forums/threads on the same board. What if we can add to movable area Blog, Gallery, CMS, etc.?

Say you run Civil War board with CMS, Blog and Gallery. Big names participate on your site. For example, Ph.D. Glenn Beck posts an insightful lengthy reply on the history of English grammar in the forum. You want to move it the the front page of your site as an article. Another Ph.D. Keith Olbermann posts upbeat comparative summary of his trip to the slams of New York in the Blog. You want it to be in the Article area as well. With few clicks the works of modern history titans delivered to the audience and finally CNN's Wolf Blitzer mentions your site to the center-leaning gullibles. Wouldn't that be nice?:D

Imagine if you could move posts like that.:)


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To me that sounds like complete integration from scratch. Nothing like a later bad added feature.


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To me that sounds like complete integration from scratch. Nothing like a later bad added feature.
It would be nice to have such a software package. Xenforo is aiming to be an edge-cutting forum platform. IMHO, they need to think outside the box and leave the competition in the dust. If it means to wait a little longer, so be it.

As Brogan put it:

Boldly going where no forum software has gone before.


I have to think about this, I am not so sure about allowing members to just create content all over the place, or content not being set to one place. I don't know enough about this to realize the benefits, or figure out consequences.