Contact us to start conversation when member logged in


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This is something I've been doing on my forums for a decade.

When a person is not logged in - the contact us is just like it is now ---

However, when its a member and they are logged in, instead it starts a conversation with the Admin.

This should be standard IMO and should be simple to accomplish. It could be taken a step further and have a control to determine which admin it should go to, or even include several admins.
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Mr Lucky

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My question would be... WHICH admin. The SuperAdmin, or the 1-20 that a site may have?
The contact button, when logged in, could alternatively open a thread.

On my forum I have a separate contact admin button (only viewable by logged in members) which is a link to a thread in a forum that can be viewed only by admin and the thread starter. We also direct reports to this forum so that the reporter can discuss the issue with admins.

So in this case the member can discuss with any or all of the admins.