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I have heard Cleantalk is supposed to be good at blocking spam on contact forums, I see they have an add-on here, might be worth a try. I personally have not used it though.

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PS,: I stopped the spam 100% my using a custom contact form URL and simply inserting the board email address.

Never had a spam email from them since because their spam bots are looking for a form.

If you enter it like this below it will even say contact form as the subject, just edit the address and subject line to your liking.

Screenshot - 2022-10-28T150837.439.webp
Never had a spam email from them since because their spam bots are looking for a form.
If your email address is not yet known by many spammers, then that's not a good idea IMHO: Nothing easier than crawling sites for email-addresses in the html source in order to fill the inboxes with spam emails. :-/

So, if you want to go that route (with just an email link), you should at least obscure your email address a bit.

Example (can be improved):

javascript:window.location=('mailto:' + 'user' + '@' + 'domainname' + '.tld?subject=Hello world');

-> change user, domainname and tld and paste it in the "Custom URL" field.

You could improve it with base64 encoding. Example:

javascript:window.location=('mailto:' + 'user' + '@' + atob('Z21haWwuY29t') + '?subject=Hello world');

-> Z21haWwuY29t is for Use to encode your own domain.
Thank you for that, I will use it if I see any issues.

I have a number of businesses and all the email addresses are clearly on the websites. Gmail sorts the spam incredibly well, I cannot remember seeing spam unless I look into my spam folder of course.

So spammers getting my address is not a huge concern right now but if I get a problem I will change the address and implement your suggestion for sure.
Well, if you are fine with crawlers seeing your email address that easily, then you don't need to take any actions. But if spam increases, it will take quite a while till obscuring your email address has any effect and spam decreases again. ;)

I think it also makes a difference if the mail address is printed on some sub-page or on the domain root (and all sub-pages, which may be the case if one uses it for the XF "contact" link).
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