XF 1.2 Consistent Menu handling


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I have a problem with my menus, www.travelstories.gr

Sorry the menus are in greek, but essentially you see the buttons:

1. Home (Xenporta)
2. Forum (forum home)
3. Travel Stories (put there by the Nodes As Tabs addon, it's a shortcut to specific forums)
4. Photos (link to sonnb's xengallery)
5. Video (xenmedio addon)
6. Deals (link to a specific forum by dropdown - the subforum is called "Air tickets offers" but since i don't want that big title in my menu, I created that tab that has no link and the dropdown shows the link to the subforum)
7. Bookings (again the tab has no link, and the dropdown menu shows links towards external pages)

I have also installed this addon http://xenforo.com/community/resources/navigation-entire-link-trigger-popup.2359/ so that dropdowns are triggered by the entire tab word and not just the arrow.

I'm facing two problems:

a) a user experience issue: the menu behavior is not consistent the way I've built it now: for example, the "Forum" tab IS clickable, but it also has submenus that are clickable in the dropdown. The Video tab, the same. The "Deals" and "Bookings" tabs, are not clickable, you have to wait for the dropdown to actually link somewhere. I know exactly how they work, but I assume this is causing confusion with the site's visitors.

b) a technical issue: it seems that I cannot click any tab (that has a link, such as "Forum" tab for example), until its dropdown appears - which takes a few fractions of a second, but it can be VERY annoying for me, so I can only imagine how annoying this must be for the visitors. For example if you are in the homepage, try to click on the Forum tab, just hover over it and click immediately before the dropdown appears - it just doesn't work.

I would appreciate if someone can offer some advice or help me to fix this. I'm not even sure how I can correct these two problems, I would welcome all ideas. :)

Lukas W.

Formerly katsulynx
I haven't quite gotten what you want to do about A, but B sounds like a javascript-issue, so it would be kind of a huge effort related to the target you want to achieve. I'd reccomend to deactivate your addon rather than modifying the code - I for example would't need the full tab to activate the dropdown and I think this goes for most of us - however if you'd like to change that, you'll need to take a deeper look into the subject matter I'd say.


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Thank you for taking a look, I appreciate it. I've deactivated that add-on, can you please have another look and let me know if the menu now works better for you?