Considering XenFORO


I've been running some forums for a while and one is SMF based and has decent traffic for a local focused board.
We get A LOT of spammers and bogus registrations and over the years I've hand crafted some filters that in some ways are heavy handed but get the job done. The downside is we probably also lose some legitimate new members.

I ran a PHPBB for a while and that was a spam nightmare and I found the administration miserable compared to other products.

I also have a IPBoard license and it's ok, but doesn't really thrill me and spam registrations are also an issue even with their online filter which may only work as long as our license is valid.

I did checked out one of your demos and I like what I'm seeing but until you own one of these boards and run it on your own domain and face the spammer and bogus user registrations you can't really tell how good the security is.

Can someone tell me what facilities are built-in and available as a add-on or plug-in that make XenFOFO better in fighting spam and bogus registrations? I would say going forward this is my most important decision point for any discussion board product.

Thank You