Considering transfering my vBulletin for Xenforo...


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Hey guys,

I've got a few questions surrounding the xenforo platform hopefully some people can answer these for me, I've notice that people are making the switch and the platform just seems so much more appealing then vBulletin now.

* Is there a global threads function? Been looking I couldn't find it... My forum now groups together all of the team forums posts and puts them into one forum. Users love it, it's probably their and my favorite feature on the site.
* How is good is this forum when it comes to spambots and spam in general...
* Will my SEO be compromised in the switch?
* Does the forum support RSS feed posting?
* Is it easy to transfer all my posts/users from vBulletin 4?

Looking forward to replies guys. I'm very keen on buying, just need some people to persuade me over the edge. :lol:
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Conversion is easy as hell, no problems. My SEO wasn't affected at all, I used redirects from my vbseo urls and I haven't noticed any effect in google. I also had no problems with spam so far at all.

Can't help with the global threads function, I think I've seen something around.



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I'm playing around with the demo now, just getting a feel for the interface. It's a lot nicer looking then vBulletin. Everything seems pretty easy to use thus far, I'll report back if I have any questions. Which I probably will soon.


My problem is that my VB site is so cusomized now with paid mods that I cannot move it over. I have however started a new forum with this software and I am loving it


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Does the import include transfers from vB5.0.3?
The problem is, vB5 moved to a generalized data system which makes it like untangling spaghetti to figure out where the posts, threads, users, and other data are. It's a real mess and writing an importer is non-trivial.

Also-- the site has over 2 million posts. Is Xenforo scalable? What's the resources like?
XenForo is extremely lightweight and efficient even with large communities. The out-of-the-box Search works especially well even in medium to large communities. For very large sites, there is an affordable, supported Search add-on which makes searches lightning fast even with millions of posts.