Considering converting from IPB 3


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I currently have the latest version of IPB 3. I continue to see Xenforo sites ranking higher than IPB sites.

I have 1.5 million posts, and around 15,000 images in the gallery.

Is it possible to convert this many posts? If so, roughly how long will it take?


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Hi Brogan,

Thanks for the quick reply!

Currently my forum is under a folder /forums

Can I create xenforo under /xenforo, and then run the import. After the import is completed, can I change the directory to /forums?

Lastly, will my old URL's automatically have a 301 redirect to the new xenforo url? I'd hate to lose all of my backlinks.



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I see what you're saying now. So I would follow the same structure you have: /community/forums

As long as I can 301 redirect effectively, this would be fine.