Lack of interest Connected XenForos - distributed forums for eternal (post) lives


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XF needs some bold, new features to set it apart from the competition. Here's my proposal:

Let's face it, the forum market is oversaturated. There are too many small forums around, resulting in the user base being spread across too many forums. I.e. too few users per forum for them to be viable. Some even say forums are dying as a result.

So how can we solve this problem? How can we make the high number of small forums into an advantage rather than a problem?

The answer is we find a way for users to talk to each other across the forums. Imagine a world where it's possible for members of forum A to post in certain areas on forum B. And vice versa. Imagine that it's possible for the forum admins to configure their forums so that certain areas are shared with other forums.

This is Connected XF. It's allows threads to be distributed. This way if a forum goes out of business, the threads will live on forever in the clouds, and members of the dead forum can just move on to another forum that is hosting the same content.