Connected account providers miss Xenforo?


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A long time ago, there was an add-on to pair two forums, i cant remember clearly, maybe it was for xf1.
What I would like to have is not facebook or things like this, i want to have xenforo itself as a connected account provider.

I am in forum A come to forum B (A is listed there as allowed); a user says, ok, i come from A, then I add him as a user (if name is used as user_id) and let him inside.

Do we have something like this?


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It is important?
You may have a forum for flowers, I have one for bees.
And we both think that we share our users ... so we offer them a one-click-experience.

The question is, how can we do that?

Using the API?
Click in your forum, sends: add user to my forum.
But we don't know his password. But we know his crypted password and the salt.
Maybe there is a function to say:

Password salt1 => salt2 => same Password, but other code?


link to my forum?secret_code+{username)
results in a new user with name {username} and password "test", shown in a form to login
followed by a form to change the password.



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You can check for user credentials validity with the XF API, meaning that you can check for the validity of a remote forum's user credentials, if you have a superuser API key for that forum.

Following that it's just a matter of creating that user on your forum.

If you don't own the remote forum though, then the owner needs to provide you with a superuser API key, which gives you a lot of administrative powers - hence he may not be willing to do so.

If you do own the remote forum, then no problem. Feel free to PM if you want this developed.