Lack of interest Connect contents (feed) of external Blogs with Xenforo's (future) Blog.


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I understand a lot of people would like to see a WP<>XF bridge. On the other hand, I also strongly believe that an integrated XenForo Blog solution would be beneficial/useful for a lot of sites. There are a lot of benefits also in the latter.

But I was thinking... what about people who already have a WP blog? For a future (2011) project of mine I definitely need XenForo to offer an integrated Blog, but I can image that for those people I want to attract, who already own a WP Blog, that it will be very inconvenient that they have to republish everything -manually- from their WP Blog again in their XenForo Blog.

Wouldn't it be very handy if they just keep publishing on their external Blog they are used to and that this external blog can automatically feed everything 1-on-1 into their XenForo Blog?

Mind you, I don't know much at all about Blog systems, so I don't have a clue what is possible and what not. But with Posterous for example it is apparently possible to send your Blog content via email and then it get's put on your Blog automatically... and it can also update all your other social networks automatically with the same content. Amazing.

I believe XenForo should make use of today's internet standards and possibilities (it already does it) as much as possible and really open up for those external applications/services people love to use so much. I just have no clue what is possible, but I am seriously in need of the best possible solutions to offer Blogs on a XenForo powered platform.


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As far as I know, Wordpress does have functionality to export and import blog data; it's really not that long as a service has a well developed and extensible API, you can get very creative on how to integrate it seamlessly into your site.