XF 1.3 Confusion with CSS

I'm trying to style a block in XenPorta, but ultimately the issue has caused me trouble on pages as well, and it stems from the fact that I'm a hack and really don't know what I'm doing. I've had great success adjusting existing CSS to my needs, but any time I try to apply something new to HTML I can't make it work.

Take a look at http://xen.ankenyikes.org and on the right side you'll see the Board of Directors block. I've got the CSS written and when I include it in <style></style> tags it works fine, but if I add it to extra.css or the actual css for the block template it doesn't apply it.

Same code, on a page instead http://xen.ankenyikes.org/pages/testpage/ with the style in extra.css it doesn't work, but with the style in <style> tags it does.

Can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
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Screenshot in case it helps, the CSS adds the border at the bottom of each DIV. The top should pull it's style from the extra.css and the bottom has the exact same CSS in a <style> tag.

Answered my question... I had two problems, the first being with the addon and needing to put the <xen:require css="EWRblock_RawHyperText2.css" /> tag in the template, otherwise it doesn't matter what you put in the CSS... the part that REALLY screwed me up was that it didn't work when I edited extra.css... of course if I was working on the RIGHT style it would have worked just fine.

User error.