XF 2.2 Concatenate first and last names


My forum has been running for 23 years on various forum softwares, and in all that time it has been a "first and last names only" forum. We used to call it "real first and last names", but given privacy concerns, all we now ask is that people participate with a plausible first and last name and not with a single name, intitals or any sort of nickmake or handle. This is a core policy which we don't want to change.

Despite advice along these lines in the Ts&Cs, and on the registration page right below display name, so many people do not comply and end up being rejected.

The display display name is one field, so I wondered if it would be possible to have this as two fields - first name and last name - which the system would then automatically concatenate to create one field in the back end, which was the username/display name? So the structure of how the Xenforo database handles this name does not change - it is one field - but the input form presented to a new user does?
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