Computer RAID array gone funny... help


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Hi guys,

I am using a Dell XPS 8300 windows 7 desktop PC and I got it with RAID 0. I have had issues and warnings pop up concerning the RAID array before but they all seemed to go away by themselves. Now whenever I play games my computer gets stuck on random parts of it and freezes for a little while and then comes free of the freeze. What do I do?

Sometimes a small piece of sound also loops endlessly.

Here is the info I could gather:

"My Dell" says: "This drive has ... 57 errors in data sectors which render the sector unusable... not indicative of a failing drive... testing recommended."

I ran the test and it said all is well. (Just as I am typing my display system died and came back and gave me a warning.)

Model Number:Intel Raid 0 Volume
Firmware Revision:1.0.
RAID Set Index:0
Drive Count:2
RAID Status:OK
RAID Type:RAID 0 (Striped)
RAID Set Capacity:1.82 TB
Stripe Size:128.00 kB
Controller: PCI:0:31:2

No idea how to fix this. I would love help :).