Computer Programing School or self taught?


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You hooked it up to a TV for a monitor and storage was via cassette tape
That was how the C64 worked out of box, too. We got the computer for Christmas one year (1983, I think) and the monitor and 5 1/4" disk drive the next. In between, we had it hooked to one of our TVs and used the cassette tape unit that came with the computer.


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I started programming when I was 13. I'd get on my Pentium, 56k modem, PC around 8 PM and read and practice for hours, sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning. Then I started participating in technical forums asking questions and later answering them (this was before stackoverflow was a thing...or at least I didn't know it was a thing).

What started as a hobby ended up turning into a career. I'm a program/project manager now, but I still get my hands dirty since our team is small and or customers are demanding. We're modernizing legacy apps to take advantage of cloud services and updating architectures to utilize microservices and artificial intelligence/machine learning.

I have a Bachelors Degree, but it was a major in general technical studies..I also have an Associates in computer science. There was basic programming courses involved and I only took a couple. Most of everything I learned has been from the online community and reading...and modern UI experience, believe it or not, was started from studying XenForo.