Add-on Competitions Add-on


Hey guys!

I'm in need of a competitions add-on. YES I am aware of @Chris D's add-on:

but I need something more advanced, as much as I love that add-on. I need an add-on specific for game keys. I'm giving away x amount of game keys, I'd like to enter into a form, it'd generate to x user, then remove the key once per say user chooses to participate in the competition so no duplicate keys are generated, since it's a steam community BUT I would like them to match a certain criteria like x post, x likes, etc etc. Similar to how his plugin does it, the only thing that his is missing is, it doesn't have key compatibility so it won't delete x keys. I also would need it to handle a good amount of keys.

Please either post here or PM me with your quote.

Thank you,