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This add-on (and design) still needs a LOT of work. I deleted my accounts over on CH after uninstalling the add-on on my site. Went back and re-installed the add-on, and it STILL apparently wants to use the first user account in the user base as it's "authority". This REALLY needs to be fixed ASAP.
I've ended up deleting my CH account, removing the add-on and will simply have to wait until the bugs in the sign-up process get worked out.
The theory is nice... the implementation is still sorely lacking apparently for anything outsid the IPS infrastructure if you have issues.
The account bug is a big issue... even though my two accounts were "merged"... no content from my site was ever showing up, and when using the tags that were defined, it also failed to show up.

If you need more info... feel free to start a convo with me and I'm more than willing to try to help figure the issue out (as my time allows since I've got clear skies lately).
@Community Hive
Please name your download with a version code in file name like "" - that makes it better to download and for the over view. Thanks.

Second problem:
I have 3 forums (sites) - in all Iam not user with number one, but admin and use the same username.
The email is in all 3 cases a other one.
In all 3 forums I installed your add-on - but on CH I can only manage one forum, not the other 2.

How can we solve this?
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